Kite, 2-Piece Wing (Receiver-Ready / Assembled)

The Kite is an all-round DLG / F3K glider made for both leisure and competitive flying.

The Kite uses state-of-the-art production techniques to give it a very consistent and accurate surface finish, while the solid Rohacell core and carbon skin ensures stiffness at very light weights.

All four servos comes installed in the nose in an exposed layout in this Receiver-Ready model, along with all the linkages and the control horn. You only need to add your receiver and battery.

For convenience, the wing and stabilizer is removable via screws, and the wing is a 2-piece wing so its easy to ship and store.

  • Wingspan: 1490 mm
  • Wing area: 20 dm^2
  • Wing Airfoils: Zone V2
  • Stabilizer Airfoil: Freak V2
  • Stabilizer Area: 2.15 dm^2
  • Fin Airfoil: HT-23
  • Fin Area: 1.95 dm^2
  • Standard Layup AUW: ~220 grams
  • Strong Layup AUW: ~250 grams
  • Right-handed models. If you need a left-handed model, please email us.
  • Receiver-Ready model
  • Left wing panel 
  • Right wing panel
  • Fuselage
  • Nosecone
  • Horizontal tail
  • Vertical tail
  • Wing joiner
  • 2* KST X06N for tails (installed)
  • 2* KST A08N v6 for wings (installed)
Recommended Gear:
  • Receiver: FrSky GR6, R6, Spektrum AR410
  • Battery: 1S LiPo 350 mAh

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