Carboweave® DLG Carbon Repair Kit

A collaboration between ArmSoar and CN Models, this repair kit was designed specifically for DLG repairs.

This kit has material suitable for repairs to wings, tails, booms, 2.4GHz noses, wing tips, leading edges or even solid core wings.

Repair Kit Includes:
  • 30x20 cm CW20 20 g/m2, 2-layers spread carbon for tail repair
  • 30x20 cm CW30 30 g/m2, 2-layers spread carbon for tail wing 
  • 30x20 cm CW40 40g/m2, 2-layers spread carbon for wing repair
  • 30x20 cm CW57 57g/m2, 3-layers spread carbon for boom and fuselage repair, and local reinforcement
  • 15x20 cm 3-layers uni-direction fabric for spar repair
  • 30x20 cm woven carbon fabric 163g/m2 for fuselage repair and local reinforcement
  • 30x20 cm woven glass fabric, 80g/m2 weight for 2.4Ghz friendly repair
  • 5m carbon tow/roving IMS65
  • 5m carbon tow/roving UMS40
  • 100x150x25 mm Cascell RS 30 foam core material
  • Sandpaper 320
  • Sandpaper 120
  • Thick film and tape for applying bondage when repairing the wing and fuselage

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